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    1. The frame and fork of our suspension MTB use high carbon steel, preventing the rider from vibration. Such features make bikes suitable for hill climbing, road bicycle racing, mountain biking and city travel.
    1. The front and rear rims of our beach cruiser bicycles are produced from aluminum alloy. The 2.35 tire ensures a good capacity of holding road, making our beach bicycles suitable for beach riding, leisure bike riding, cycling errands, etc.
    1. Equipped with pedals and bicycle carrier, our utility bikes are the ideal choice for leisure riding with kids. Pedals are produced from plastics, anti-deformation and anti-rust. Due to reasonable design and structure, our bikes are popular with each kind of crowd.
    1. For our racing bicycles, frame, fork, handlebars and seat post all adopt carbon fiber material, which ensures a light weight and high strength. Such design makes our racing bikes ideal for sports racing, road bicycle racing and so on.
    1. In order to achieve a strong and endurable structure, we have done a lot on the city bike. For example, the frame uses aluminum alloy; our newly developed rhombus tubes have been thickened and strengthened; the front fork is produced from high carbon steel.
    1. The three-wheel design makes it easy for kids to learn ride bikes. The rear wheel of Christiania trike adopts drum brake while the front wheel adopts no brake. The whole bike has a concise design and meets the European standards.
    1. The frame and fort of our kid’s bike are produced from high carbon steel, ensuring a good structure and high strength. Such design highly increases the degree of security.
    1. Our bike frames are mainly produced from such materials as UD, 3K and 12K. The size of bike frame is developed with an emphasis on ergonomics, providing a comfortable riding. Besides, our frames match well with general components or parts of other brands, greatly reducing troubles caused by mismatching. Adopting a special material, the frame achieves high strength and light weight.

Bicycle especially electric bike, a kind of common used vehicle with zero carbon dioxide emissions, ZENITH mainly provides a wide range of electric bicycles and road bikes, size of 20 inch bike, 24 inch bicycle, 26 inch and 28 inch bike since 1986. Our company can design and manufacture bikes for different road conditions, available with city bike, mountain bike, beach cruiser bike, racing bicycle, tandem bicycle, etc. We can also make bicycles and electric bikes according to customer design.