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City Bicycle

 City Bicycle

Main Advantages
1. In order to achieve a strong and endurable structure, we have done a lot on the city bike. For example, the frame uses aluminum alloy; our newly developed rhombus tubes have been thickened and strengthened; the front fork is produced from high carbon steel.
2. The front 32T sprocket wheel matches well with the rear 18T sprocket wheel, saving a lot in energy and time.
3. Our independently developed mudguards have various colors to choose.
4. Drum brake is adopted in the front while roller brake at the behind, remarkably increase the safety degree for our city bicycle.
5. The bicycle basket is produced from aluminum alloy and integrated with the handlebar. A cover structure for chains avoids dresses and trousers from twisting.
6. We can produce various bikes according to your requirement, such as leisure bike, utility bike, touring bicycle, road bike, etc.

Frame Aluminum, 26"
Front fork Hi-ten steel fork
Brake F/al v-brake, r/drum brake
Derailleur Single speed
Wheels Aluminum rim
Net weight 14 kg

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  • SE26P02
  • SE26P04
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