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Full Suspension Mountain Bike

 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Main Advantages
1. The frame and fork of our suspension MTB use high carbon steel, preventing the rider from vibration. Such features make bikes suitable for hill climbing, road bicycle racing, mountain biking and city travel.
2. A latest frame design is widely loved by youngsters.
3. Our full suspension mountain bicycle also adopts an external derailleur, allowing for different riding condition.
4. Front and rear rim brakes provide an excellent braking capacity.
5. Our dual suspension mountain bikes have a wide range of colors to choose, which makes our bikes popular among students.
6. We can manufacture and produce suspension electric bikes according to clients' requirement.

Frame Hi-ten steel, suspension, 20"
Front fork Hi-ten steel, suspension
Brake V-brake
Derailleur Rear 6-speed
Wheels Aluminum rim
Net weight 14 kg

Other Choices

  • SE26S15B
  • SE26S32C
  • ST26S21A
  • ZNH-M-1519
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