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Carbon Fiber Bike Frame

 Carbon Fiber Bike Frame

We have developed and designed various carbon fiber bike frames for mountain bikes, road bicycle, electric bike and so on. Our bike frames are mainly produced from such materials as UD, 3K and 12K. The size of bike frame is developed with an emphasis on ergonomics, providing a comfortable riding. Besides, our frames match well with general components or parts of other brands, greatly reducing troubles caused by mismatching. Adopting a special material, the frame achieves high strength and light weight. All bike frames are independently developed and we can also customize bikes according to your requirement.

This carbon fiber frame is specially designed for mountain bicycle and adopts UD material. Produced on the base of ergonomics, our bikes are easy to ride. This frame goes well with parts and components of other brands, simplifying the assembly or maintenance work. Also, the adopted material ensures our frame both high strength and light weight. We develop and produce all bikes independently and also provide customized bikes for clients.

This is one picture of carbon fiber rim. We provide a wide range of rims, including 16H, 20H, 24H, 28H, 32H, 36H. All rims have a high degree of strength and light weight. They are suitable for mountain bike, BMX bike, city bike, etc.

This is our carbon fiber fork. To satisfy the huge market demand, we develop and produce a variety of carbon fiber forks and handlebars. All of them achieve high strength and light weight, suitable for any road condition or bike user. We provide customized bikes if you have special requirement.

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