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Women's Electric Mountain Bike

 Women's Electric Mountain Bike

Main Features
1. One outstanding of our ladies' electric bike is a great anti-vibration capacity. Our bike is equipped with these following components: an aluminum alloy frame, independently developed lower tubes, batteries and Taiwan SR SUNTOU anti-vibration forks. A dynamic integration of these parts offers a good anti-vibration effect and eases the pumping.
2. In consideration of different road condition, our women's electric mountain bike adopts Taiwan TEKTRO disc brake handle and an external SHIMONO derailleur, making women's cycling, mountain biking and city travel much easier and safer.
3. Both front and rear rims are double-wall and produced form aluminum alloy. Our women's electric bike also adopts SR saddle and a functional 10-gear panel.
4. Samsung battery has a capacity of 36V, 10.4 AH and provides power through a speed sensor. It takes only 3-5 hours to charge.
5. This girls' bike has a concise design and complete functions. Its removable battery makes the repair and maintenance work much easier than traditional ladies' bike.
6. We provide customized bikes if you have some special requirement.

  • This is a picture of Taiwan TEKTRO disc brake handle. Compared to traditional cable brake, disc brake reacts more quickly and nimbly. During braking, the disc brake can immediately cut down the power for a safe ride. Besides, this brake can automatically add brake oil and provides convenience for users.

  • This LCD 9-gear panel shows the speed, total distance, electricity and power. It also can control the front and gear lights. Besides, the sensor offers backlight at nights.

  • Bafang rear mounted motor features speed sensor, stable performance, low noise and good road holding capacity. It provides a power of 36V, 250W and a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

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