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Electric Folding Bike

 Electric Folding Bike

Main Features
1. ZNH-E1505 electric folding bike frame is produced from aluminum alloy, providing a light weight. Besides, the folding function makes it possible to place in the car boot or carry onto subway, vastly cut energy and time cost.
2. The fork adopts high carbon steels, realizing a high degree of strength.
3. This folding bike is driven by rear wheels and belongs to loading series. According to different requirement and condition, customers can choose from 48V 350W and 36V 250W folding electric bicycles.
4. Both front and rear rims adopt aluminum alloy all-in-one rims. This kind of rim has a better strength than spoked rim. The front rim is connected with drum brake while the rear rim is connected with disc brake.
5. The bike rack has a backrest, safe and comfortable.
6. Pedals on the back are designed for children.
7. We provide several colors for you to choose and we can even design according to your requirement.

Frame: 16" Folding Alloy Frame
Fork: Steel Taper Fork
Derailleur: Single Speed
Brake: Drum Brake
Rim: Steel Rim
Tire: Kenda 16"
Motor: 48V x 250W
Battery: 48Vx8Ah
Display: Single Step
Sensor: Speed Sensor
Option: 24V

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